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The Sales Academy
Jules White

Welcome to The Sales Academy

Welcome to your very own business high street community. Here we Connect - Learn - Belong.

Are you ready to fall in LOVE with sales?

The story behind the High Street theme…

Your business 'High Street' community

Community is all about belonging

When I was growing up I spent many days in my Dad’s newsagent shop. We lived above the shop on the local shopping parade where everyone did their shopping. My Dad was John, and everyone knew John, and John knew everyone too!

Back then life revolved around community, and to us as humans we are happiest when we have a sense of belonging.

When I eventually designed my membership, I knew the theme would have to centre around the place where I first fell in love with sales. Watching my Dad serve all of his customers in the shop.

So welcome to your business High Street community. Every part of this community is about connection, learning and belonging. I set the scene with shops to represent every part of the value you will get being part of this community.

Check out below the shops we have in the Sales Academy  and I can’t wait for you to start enjoying your shopping trip with me.

See you at the shops!

Jules x